Branding & Corporate Identity

The Luwire Conservancy is located within the Niassa National Reserve in northern Mozambique. It consists of a small team who are passionate and dedicated to the environment, conservation at scale and financial security in order for the Niassa area and its wilderness to thrive. Having grown up in Kenya, spending a good amount of time in the bush and gaining a considerable amount of my inspiration from the outdoors, I was quite excited about this project. I was contacted and asked to add more of a wilderness feel to their already existing logo, which was strong to begin with. After removing a few elements, a font and colour change, some exploring of what not to do, the logo was then finally ready. The updated simplicity of the logo adds to its timelessness and gives it the potential for future extension and growth.

Luwire’s brand development extends from the formation of their logo, to letterhead, business cards, to their newly designed website as well as their social media platforms. The environment and conservation of our wild places is something everyone should be involved in no matter how big or small. Go check out their pages to see where you can get involved.