Logo, Corporate Identity and Website

The word Miwa is twofold. Directly translated from Japanese it means Beautiful Harmony. It is also a Swahili word meaning Cane.
It is the perfect fit as your home should be your haven, a refuge that is harmoniously balanced with the things you love and enjoy. Your home must bring you comfort as well as inspire. It must bring you passion yet be a tranquil space.

Responsibly interacting with the planet to maintain our natural resources. All the stock is made by hand with natural fibres and therefore each item is unique. While some is procured directly from craftspeople in Malawi, most is sourced from locally established Malawi traders who obtain the raw materials they use within South Africa.
Stylish furniture, stunning décor, eye-catching accessories. At Miwa, we know there is truly no place like home.

All text and imagery/photography was created by ThreeFish. The project consisted of the following:

• Logo
• Domain set up
• Custom email
• E-commerce website
• Social media shopping
• Photography
• Packaging