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South Africa is my birth place, however it is only recently become my home. I grew up in Kenya, East Africa and spent my entire childhood on the white sandy beaches of a small town called Diani. My parents from a young age both had the urge to leave their home town, not necessarily to travel but to experience and expose themselves to the opportunities that life has to offer. They both are a great inspiration to me and have fuelled my passion for life and creativity to which I am extremely grateful. After finishing my schooling in Australia, I followed my passion for adventure and the outdoors and I became a scuba diving instructor and a yacht master. Having worked on the south coast of Kenya for 3 years my interest in art and design remained and it was something that I wanted to pursue. I met my now husband, a South African and in 2013 I relocated to South Africa where I completed my BA degree in Visual Communication Design.

Threefish is my creation. As a graphic designer I am finding my place in the world through art, the outdoors and beautiful things. Which can hopefully bring a smile to someones face, add a professional touch to a business or provide motivation to put pen to paper. Art and design that infiltrate your dreams and trigger memories of travel and adventure, is for me why I enjoy the creative process so much. This nostalgia for the unknown, unfamiliar and exotic, is the groundwork of my creative exploration.

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