Threefish Design Studio

When I decided to open as a freelance design studio I had the super exciting  job of designing my own logo and corporate identity. There were so many options that I explored. As I examined my body of work the one consistent theme was the ocean, this was not surprising. Fish, waves, blues, sea fans and octopus the list goes on. This was what I enjoyed and gained the most inspiration from. The starting point of the 3 fish in my logo was made from a linoleum carving which I then printed/stamped onto paper. I loved the fact that my own hands had carved the fins, the scales, every detail I had gouged out of linoleum. The animation slowly builds a mini underwater ecosystem using the word “reef” as its foundation. Within the text of my logo the formation of the word “reef subtly hidden within three and fish is my own story of my life spent in the ocean.

Khoza Bush Camp

Khoza Bush Camp to my knowledge is not yet a fully functioning lodge. Based close to the Sabi Sands, South Africa, meant that it definitely had to have a African bush feel to it. The idea of the camp is to be an authentic tented camp, basic, allowing you to get in tune with the African bush. With this information in mind I began the design process. Looking at the completed logo I think it definitely embodies the African bush. Within the animated logo the African moon on its back, the loud call of the fiery necked night jar and the chorus of cicadas and crickets should make you long for the bush. Close your eyes, you could be there.