Matumi did not want to be left behind, so they jumped straight in and went from zero to hero – Website, Facebook and Instagram. It has been extremely satisfying letting their local community have a peak into what they do at Matumi. It has also been the catalyst to a snowball effect of a lot of other brand development ventures.

In this day and age a company brand is an extremely important aspect of every business. It is a refection of you and your company. Which is why Matumi and Threefish have been slowly but surely updating, rethinking and remapping Matumi Fresh Logistics. For those of you who have known Matumi from day one, as Matumi Fresh Produce will know that they are a local, family run business evolving in the Lowveld of South Africa. The niche market that they tapped into many moons ago has become their passion.

Matumi’s logo update took 2 years. Change is always difficult and updating your logo is sometimes an extremely delicate and emotional procedure. Why change something that has worked for the last 20 years?

The Matumi logo developed over quite some time as the clients were very reluctant to let their old logo go. They were worried that no one would recognise them as Matumi anymore and they would loose the brand visibility that they had built over the years. Looking back on it now their brand is growing in leaps and bounds, which goes to show that change is necessary. Whilst developing the logo, I kept the colour palette consistent as I didn’t want the final result to be completely unrecognisable. Matumi is a fresh produce distribution company with an additional focus on transport logistics throughout South Africa. Their logo had to be clean, fresh and timeless. It had to also be versatile and have the ability to be applied to numerous platforms both digital and print.

Matumi Fresh Logistics Logo Development

The idea of secondary brand elements were introduce even before the logo was finalised, these in a way acted as stepping stones to Matumi’s new look. Matumi’s main focus being fruit and veg allowed for quite a bit of freedom in regards to the secondary elements, as long as it related to fruit and veg and was done in a similar style then it would work. The secondary elements provided a way for Matumi to stay true to who they are.  The introduction of hand drawn watercolours links to who they are; farm style, custom, family orientated, yet professional and growing within their industry.

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The next step was their fleet branding. Matumi’s fleet consists of a number of different sized trucks, from 3 ton to 30 pallet. This is where the varying logo options came into play.